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Two months ago, at an anonymous studio in North London, an extraordinary photo shoot was unfolding.

Rankin, one of the world's leading photographers, was aiming to produce a truly striking image for Marie Claire's historic 20th anniversary edition.

His subject was not a celebrity icon or a supermodel, but a 24-year-old unknown credit controller from Enfield, North London, on her first modelling assignment.

And it wasn't just her inexperience setting young Kelly Knox apart.

It surprises me but I think that people see only that I'm happy and confident and if it doesn't bother me, it isn't an issue for them.'A bright student, Kelly left school with eight GCSEs at the age of 16, and passed a vocational diploma in law, with distinction.

She worked for a short time in a solicitor's office, before changing her mind.

She says: 'Perhaps my arm has given me a "life is too short" attitude, but I felt there had to be more to it.

Adaptable: Five-year-old Kelly on her bike'I found another job as a credit controller for a furniture company - I still have it - and I had a boyfriend, whom I dated from the age of 15 to 21.

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Model looks: One of Rankin's shots of Kelly Her 'prize' was that photo shoot, and this week the magazine, including Kelly's pictures, hit the news stands.As a baby, I was fitted with a prosthetic arm, but my mum remembers that I hated it.'Once, as I sat in the middle of the post office in my pushchair, I started having a tantrum.In a fit of rage, I ripped my false arm off and threw it across the floor, in front of horrified onlookers.'Mum always encouraged me to be as independent as possible.The new arrival was wrapped tightly in a blanket and handed to the weeping Jackie. She's got two legs, a beautiful face, two lovely brothers but only one arm." "My mum hadn't seen that my left forearm was missing - she said it was such a shock."The couple were left holding their baby, looking at her missing limb, and digesting the implications of a child who would grow up with no hand.Mischief: With a friend, aged one Kelly says: 'My mother says the midwife chose her words carefully. Within half an hour, Jackie had made a vow which would shape Kelly's future: 'We will simply get on with life.'From that moment on, the word 'disability' was banned.

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