Can t connect toupdatingserver samsung pc studio

When you put Audio CD into PC, PC Studio retrieves those valuable Information to manage easily. Used troubleshoot compatibility, TS program, Worked with Win 7, test program and installed. Rebooted, attempted again and to my surprise it installed. I found an installer for the "Samsung USB modem" driver inside PC studio's folder in "Program Files".

Dreadful is it for real , I have an older mobile phone with pictures I can't get onto the Pc well Done Windows 8 and Samsung Nothing works! I had to install this driver in compatibility mode for Windows 7 to get the software to recognise the phone.

A total waste of time, waiting for updates for windows 8 F for UPDATES! Once I had done this, it works as it did with previous versions of Windows.

Bluetooth connections might just work out of the box, I'm not sure.... As well Samsung Odin3 v3.10.7 tool let you to flash different ...

I must have removed and reinstalled kies and/or the samsung drivers in every permutation possible.

Finally got it working by using a 2nd PC, my laptop.

The desktop apparently grabbed whatever the best drivers were from the laptop and I was off and running.

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