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I can really think about what the implications are if various metaphysical beliefs are true, whereas before it felt blasphemous to think things like “what would it mean if Vishnu really does exist?

Depending on what they believe, that might be difficult, but there is still plenty that both people agree on.People generally have many deeply held but poorly examined beliefs – theists and atheists alike!Most people don’t like having their beliefs challenged; it is uncomfortable for them.Sorry about this rant I have just been arguing with some frustrating people as of lately.Arguing with people who think they are “masters” concerning the skeptic position and “skeptic psychology” even though though they have never read a skeptic book, this drives me nuts! damn it, please go educate yourself and read some skeptic books and a couple of logic books [while] you are at it! What are your thoughts about the merits of arguing with the religious?

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