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Coming in the summer of 2007, Catherine will be appearing in the firstepisode of "Da Kink In My Hair" to be broadcast by Global Television."My great granny always said, 'If you want to know a black woman, youtouch her hair.' She said that is where we carry everything - all ourhopes, our dreams, our pain." - Novelette Campbell, "Da Kink In My Hair".

Over the past 4 years Catherine has also appeared in TV movies, workingwith Richard Dreyfuss and Judy Davis in "Coast to Coast" (2004), Natalie Cole and Diahann Carroll in "Liv'in For Love Story" (2000), and Laura Linney in "Wild Iris" (2001).

During this period of feature film work, Catherine also hosted 2 seasonsof TV One's flagship program "Divine Restoration".

She has hourglass shaped figure with large natural breasts, slim waist and round hips. Best chance to check closer on her measurements is 1996 TV series Hot Line where she completely revealed her great curves when she was 28 years old.

Both sides have refused to comment, but a source told The Sun that the relationship was never anything other than professional.

Catherine Burdon began her acting career in commercials while attending Mc Master University (Hamilton, Ontario) for an Honors degree in Computer Science.

Young Catherine started her career as a model but soon switched to acting.

In 1996, Bell began her probably most famous role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mac Kenzie from the JAG series.

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