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Then it was over and she pulled the bottle away from her sex. Kat had reached for the bag and extracted two lengths of black nylon rope and she and quickly tied one end to the metal ring embedded in Angie's left wrist cuff. Angie groaned and Jason took hold of the other leg and pulled it up, bending Angie in half. Jason followed, yielding to her domineering attitude. The sight of Angie tied spread just a few inches from him along with the rhythmic grunts and squeals coming from the video had his nerves jangling with desire. Angie squealed and jerked as the fruit penetrated her deeply.

She rocked back and forth on her feet for a second, letting the pleasure wash over her, her breaths coming in short gasps. Angie sat down in an easy chair that stood off to the left and fidgeted a little. She could feel the cool hard strength of the oak table under her, her legs parted and still on the floor to either side. "Take her other ankle and pull her legs up so she's bent in half, like this." Kathy said, pulling Angie's leg up and bending it so that her foot came almost to her head. She leaned forward and with a quick movement plunged the banana deep into Angie's body.

She clenched her teeth as the searing cold hit her but it was enough, pushing her body over the edge into orgasm. Angie sat down on the table, still facing Jason and Kat and she leaned backward, lying down.

Her fingers lifted the hem of the skirt and she pushed the unopened top of the beer bottle against her clit. "Mostly." He leaned forward, the beer in his hands. It's rectangular shape had been arranged so that the narrow ends were pointed from the television to the couch, leaving little room for the three of them to place any ice cream. "Lay down on the table." Kathy ordered, dropping the vibroballs onto the floor next to the couch.

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Angie could feel the waves against her bare legs and then right up the short black skirt that was wrapped around her hips. Kat raised her hand and flicked one of Angie's nipples. She tried to jerk back up but Kathy was holding her down. I don't want her to be able to get off the plate, okay? Angie felt Jason's grip on her wrists tighten and she was acutely aware of the quick excited breaths the shift manager was making. I'll do it." Angie replied demurely, her eyes on the floor. Her breasts were only slowly loosing their redness and she took hold of the mop handle and began to swipe the ceramic tiles. Mopping the dining area had resulted in fresh surges of desire from between her legs and the vibroballs were driving her mad. Mom's not much of a housekeeper." A flash of worry crossed Jason's face. Angie moaned a thin soft cry that spoke of discomfort and need. It was slightly melted, but its thick cream still lay coolly in the shallow cup. Now she picked it up, loading a scoop of the ice cream onto the metal utensil. She pushed her finger and the nozzle inside Angie and pushed against the nozzle.

They shake and ring when you walk." She shook them a little and all three of them could hear the little clappers inside ringing. Angie nodded and reached both hands forward over the hot plate, feeling the heat bathe her arms. She stepped over to Jason, who was sitting on the couch next to Kathy, and gave him the bottle. Her arms were stretched tightly downward and she could barely move. Kat removed the sandals from Angie's feet and lightly kissed her toes. Kat reached to the tray and grabbed hold of a huge banana, almost seven inches long. The peel broke away exposing the soft but ridged flesh underneath.

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Angie's Humiliation By: Michael Alexander [email protected] cool night breeze blew gently, ruffling Angie's long dark hair as she walked across the sun baked parking lot. Her pierced navel had already been exposed and she kept her eyes downcast as the halter top cleared the swell of her breasts, baring the large nipples. Jason looked even more confused but he stood riveted. Angie squirmed as her chest moved out over the hotplate and Kathy pushed down hard upon her back. "Angie loves them a lot." The outside lights of the house burned brightly as the three of them walked around and opened the fence gate. She put the banana to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it, sucking on the end.

Despite the sinking of the flaming sun a few hours before, the sticky asphalt still radiated the extreme heat it had collected throughout the day. She left the top bunched around her neck, dropping her hands back down to her sides. Angie saw his hand reach down to his pants and straighten his thickening cock through the cloth. Suddenly Angie gasped as her nipples made contact with the warm metal. Get to it." Angie pulled the bunched up halter top from around her neck and dropped it onto the counter. Kat and Jason chatted and joked, laughing every so often at some story or comment. It was getting harder too put one foot in front of the other. When she pulled it out Jason saw that it was still whole. She placed the wet tip against Angie's dark opening and slowly pushed it in. " He answered, unsure of himself and the two girls. "You said chocolate so here we go." She reached over to the tray and picked up a small bowl of chocolate ice cream. " Kat laughed and placed a finger on the can nozzle.

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