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Fast forward a year or so later and I came across this delicious scent once again. I used nine sprays..wrist, behind my ears, back & front of my neck, chest, front and back of my shirt. I'm back with my impression of Guerlain's vintage version of LIDGE!

This time I did purchase a bottle and add it to my collection. LIDGE opens as a semi-sweet, soft chocolate covered candy with a warm citrus liquid center, mostly tangerine to my nose. After almost a trillion analyzes on the enigmatic L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Eau Extreme, the most popularly known, LIDGE, I am here again to give a somewhat subjective opinion, however, quite true about the construction of one of the largest hype of the history of perfumery, by me already perceived, on a fragrance. I think the beastmode longevity others are getting is lost on me, and for whatever reason, my skin eats this one up.

I think they should have just put a higher concentration of everything for the EDP to make it stronger rather than go the extra Patchouli route. Sometimes when you kill the bottle, you kill the fragrance.

I remember enjoying this scent very much, even in the Florida heat, but I did not buy a bottle that day. Stop making multiple accounts to down vote people & quit messaging me. Anyway, this does smell good and I can't imagine many people disliking this, but for that same reason I find it too safe, not very bold. Guerlain becomes the word for shame in perfume business.

) then the next day I put this on, i think to my self how eros was made for a younger guy, probably the clubbing type, and how this was made for the mature, settled man!

I smell * in no order * powdery cacao (green and black 85% chocolate type ) ,hints of citruses and a very natural star anise / earthy Patchouli.the cacao note stay alive till the drydown, and have almost identical drydown with the edt.the edt is brighter and easygoing mature man, while this is more serious,mysterious mature appealing.i wear a suit everyday and i can pull this off but it just doesn't live up to the hype everyone moans about in my opinion. But what i have been doing to make this one better is layering it with Carven Homme........child that comes from lidge and carven is MUCH BETTER.......AND FOR THE PRICE I THINK CARVEN HOMME IS A BETTER SCENT THAN LIDGE.....

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