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A teacher is pregnant with a record-breaking 12 babies, it has been claimed.

The unnamed Tunisian woman, who is in her 30s, is reportedly expecting six boys and six girls.

Just how can I finest define my upper back and neck pain to assist my medical professional accurately treat me.- Anonymous It is essential to allow the doctor recognize the history of when the pain began to take place.

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April– Included essential warning details concerning artery splits with discomfort as the only sign.

In instances where pain is substantial, a person may want to use a non-prescription discomfort medicine or use ice and/or warm therapy.

Rather, a private with a tight neck needs to try to stay with regular task degrees when possible, specifically after the initial day or two.

There was less than a one in 100 chance of even a single baby surviving, said one. ‘All I want to do is be able to hug my babies and show them all my love,’ she told hospital workers in the town of Gafsa, about 250 miles south of the capital Tunis.

‘This is an absolute miracle, and we all feel blessed after struggling so hard to have children.’ Her husband, named only as Marwan, who teaches at the same school in Tunisia, told the Assabah newspaper: ‘In the beginning, we thought that my wife would give birth to twins, but more foetuses were discovered. The medical team told us that my wife would give birth naturally.’ But British experts said that a natural birth would be impossible and warned that the strain of carrying 12 babies could lead to labour at 20 weeks – just halfway through pregnancy.

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