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Leos roll out the red carpet when they see something they like, and they go for what they want wholeheartedly.

They'll shower their potential partner with romantic gifts, affection, and respectful compliments.

However, when Leo finds the right lover, a permanent relationship is in the cards. They are passionate in the bedroom, and display a strong sexual drive.

The most important thing for any two Leos to remember is that their pride isn't more important than the survival of the relationship itself.

Making an apology doesn't equal sacrifice; apologies and compromise are part and parcel of any relationship, and you've got to be willing to make them if you want a relationship to survive.

One perspective that could be helpful here to any Leo couple is to think of the relationship itself as a third party — to personify the relationship as almost like a child that they both have to care for.

This allows both Leos the chance to separate from their egos and to put the relationship above their own selfish interests.

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